Terra Coffee & Tea Ltd

Terra Coffee & Tea Ltd

Terra Coffee & Tea Ltd

Address: 290 Port-Royal W.,
Montreal, QC, H3L 2B4, Canada
Phone: (514) 381-2571 or 1-800-26-TERRA
Fax: (514) 381-1331
First and foremost, Terra coffee is the story of a man named Carlo Granito.
This middle-aged entrepreneur, a humanist that cares for his family which he adores, his employees for whom he feels responsible and the small coffee producers from who he buys his coffees.
With much love for life and enthusiasm for everything he does, Carlo doesn’t hesitate to say:
“What’s important in life is doing the things we enjoy doing. I particularly enjoy knowing that our customers are satisfied.
Many of them have become close friends. When they come and visit us at our roasting plant they are always impressed with the smell of the fresh roasted coffee beans.
We try to pamper them and make them feel comfortable. I think nothing else is more important then a client that loves the product we have to offer them.”
Terra coffee imports more than 50 pure coffees from origin.

What makes them really unique is the fact that Carlo Granito likes to be supplied by smaller farmer.
“ I like to do business with smaller farmers that understand our severe quality criteria and that are always able to produce, in a stable manner, the best coffees in their region.
We make sure to compensate them generously for their wonderful coffees.
This encourages them to respect our criteria and helps them lead a better life.

Most of our coffees come from small countries of the West Indies and Central America – Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua etc.

This doesn’t mean that countries like Brazil and Colombia are ignored.
Terra is the place to find the world’s best coffees and teas.

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